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Our legal team at Kravitz & Chan LLP has been practicing license defense related law in Oakland area courts for over 20 years, and we believe in obtaining legal justice for every client and every case. If you are in need of a professional license defense firm on which you can depend, choose us at Kravitz & Chan LLP, and get the representation you deserve.

With 20 years of experience in license defense related legal matters, we hold the ideal of fair play in high regard at Kravitz & Chan LLP. Our success has been built on providing Oakland area clients with quality license defense legal services, and we constantly thrive to surpass ourselves.

If you are in need of a professional license defense firm that is willing to fight for the toughest legal cases in the Oakland area, we at Kravitz & Chan LLP offer the most effective, aggressive legal services. With 20 years of business, our team at Kravitz & Chan LLP knows how to get you the legal justice you deserve.

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With our professional help at Kravitz & Chan LLP, you can be confident that any number of legal matters will be handled with great care. Do not face license defense situations in the Oakland area courts alone.

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