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With 20 years in the license defense field, we at Kravitz & Chan LLP know how to represent the true costs of license defense related legal services. We strive to find every possible option for reducing our clients’ license defense legal service costs because we know that translates to happier Modesto area clients.

When looking for a law firm, you want someone who will provide personalized service for your specific license defense related legal matters. At Kravitz & Chan LLP, there are no templates to our job; we take the time to listen to the needs and wants of every Modesto area client.

At Kravitz & Chan LLP, we take a personal interest in your welfare, striving to bring you the attention you deserve in Modesto area courts. We want to provide a positive experience when you come to us with your license defense matters. Thanks to our 20 years of wide ranging experience, we can help anyone in the Modesto area looking for legal expertise.

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